lesson 15 in government

Why is online education bad for society? This topic of the document is about why is online education. The reasons why online education is bad for is because it puts classroom teachers out of jobs(work). Meaning that if most parents decided to have their children learn online on the computer then it would make the regular teachers out of a job. But, why would it be bad for society? Well… when the teachers are out of a job then it would be bad for society because those are lost jobs for the people and the society. But, it does some good to because it would open jobs by teaching children through the computer. In addition,people who make the websites for teaching students would get paid. Plus, that is the unseen part meaning yes, it would put classroom teachers out of jobs but it would help by adding more opportunity jobs through the computers of course. However, that seen part mostly, focuses on the classroom teachers loses their jobs because of online education.  Also, when people are are doing online education  by computer at home parents can supervise them, while when they are in a classroom they can’t really supervise them. Furthermore, when people decide on online education  instead of regular school with a teacher, the people who make computers and technology items would be happy and feel as if a blessing has com they would think something like  “that is very good! The online education was a good idea”. While, the classroom teacher would become a loser because she/he has lost her/his job by online education. Also, say that the parent of student has to buy a new computer because it is died or it an older model or it doesn’t  work anymore. Then, the parent would also become a loser. Conclusion: online education is because society because it puts classroom teachers out of work, which is half and half true. But it does some good which is unseen  and yet, it does some bad. And this this topic, there is one winner and three losers;that only the person who sells computers is a winner, and the losers are the parent because the parent has to pay for the online education and if the computer doesn’t work anymore, and the classroom teachers who loses their jobs. Also the people who create the online education websites have to pay to create the website. Asiyyah banks


is family a legitimate form of government? lesson 10 in government

Is the family a legitimate form of government? The answer is yes because  family is  like but different  to other forms of government. Like other governments the the same  four questions apply.  The sovereignty question is “who in charge here?” meaning that in the family least one or two family members (mom and dad)are in charge not everyone, which would cause chaos. The next question would be “ to whom do I report?” meaning that you would have to report to either  the mom and the dad of the family if something happen while they were gone. Then, it is the law:rules, in each family, you must have rules that everyone follows or obeys, or else there will also be chaos and things would not be the way they are suppose to. Rules in the family, helps to organize the family, so things will not be in chaos. The  last question  is”what do I get if I obey?” or “what if I don’t obey?” meaning that what would happen to they if they do something good or bad.  In the family, they rights to 1. decide on what religion, they would have in the family. 2. they have rights to decide on what  kind of education that they want to give their kids. Then, 3. they  also have the right to disciple their kids so they grow up good and not act bad when older. And lastly, 4. the inheritance, the parents have the right to pass down their inheritance to their kids, meaning if the the parents had a lot of money it would go directly to the kids or a house that the parents had own.  So, in other words family is a legitimate form of government reason being is  because like other governments it has to be pass down from someone so, that others will follow in their footsteps. Asiyyah Banks  

family government lesson five

Family government This essay is about my description of the topic of family government. What is family government? Does it exist? Is it a legitimate form of government? Well, these are some questions  about family government. Family government is a government made up of just family members, that is family government. It exists in the family, with rules. Also, it is truly a legitimate form of government  which was proven true. Now that we answer some of the simple questions lets begin.    The first question of family government with explanation of it: the first question is  a sovereignty question: who in charge here? Meaning that there has to be someone in charge likely one or two, not everyone which would probably cause problems and you will not know who in charge, really. So basally, the mom or dad would be charge of the family or both. But if their not there then, it would be a older sibling among the children. The second question of family government with explanation of it:  the second question is  a hierarchy question: to whom do I report?  Saying that basally, who am I going to report to? Which means that the person of the family has to report to one of the parents or both, about what happened or what is going on, meaning that they are going to tell the news of the day or so. Which, is actually helpful and good by informing the parents about the news that occurred. The third question of family government with an explanation: the third question is law:what are the rules? In a family, you must have rules otherwise, things would mostly likely be chaos in the house of the family and cause lots of problems. When you have rules in a family things are good and less chaos is in the house, plus  the family is more organize and decent. But, going back to the  question, the rules in the family, do lots of good to the family and it also helps to make  the children of the family grow up educated,well discipline and respectful,and more. The fourth question of family government with an explanation:the fourth question is sanctions:what do I get if I obey?or if I do not obey? Meaning that what would one get due to obeying or not. Okay, here an example, if one of the children of parents  was to obey the rules or what they have been told to do, they would likely get a prize. Yet, if one of them was to disobey or to not do what they were told to do they would get a punishment. This basally means the carrot and the stick. The carrot stands for the prize and the stick stands for the punishment. The fifth question of family question with an explanation: the last question is succession: does this outfit have a future? Meaning that when you likely go out, the clothes you wear has a future. So, applying that to the family government. The kids of the family follows the parents, so in common sense if the parents wear poor clothes or bad clothes the kids would likely follow so, the kids would the same clothes similar to the parents meaning in this that the clothes would have a poor or bad future. But, if the parents wear nice or rich looking or business clothes the kids would be wearing similar to it. Meaning that those clothes, would have a a good or very good future. In addition, to that  the kids would follow their parents clothes and the way they dress. And finally, yes the outfit would have a future because the children of the parents follow the parents and the family way of dressing. An opinion about family government: my opinion of family government, is that I like family government and reason being is because family government  a  close to perfect government, since the parents help to educate the children so they can grow up good and respectful. Conclusion: the family government is helpful and good for all families. We talked about the five questions of family government. Asiyyah banks.