is family a legitimate form of government? lesson 10 in government

Is the family a legitimate form of government? The answer is yes because  family is  like but different  to other forms of government. Like other governments the the same  four questions apply.  The sovereignty question is “who in charge here?” meaning that in the family least one or two family members (mom and dad)are in charge not everyone, which would cause chaos. The next question would be “ to whom do I report?” meaning that you would have to report to either  the mom and the dad of the family if something happen while they were gone. Then, it is the law:rules, in each family, you must have rules that everyone follows or obeys, or else there will also be chaos and things would not be the way they are suppose to. Rules in the family, helps to organize the family, so things will not be in chaos. The  last question  is”what do I get if I obey?” or “what if I don’t obey?” meaning that what would happen to they if they do something good or bad.  In the family, they rights to 1. decide on what religion, they would have in the family. 2. they have rights to decide on what  kind of education that they want to give their kids. Then, 3. they  also have the right to disciple their kids so they grow up good and not act bad when older. And lastly, 4. the inheritance, the parents have the right to pass down their inheritance to their kids, meaning if the the parents had a lot of money it would go directly to the kids or a house that the parents had own.  So, in other words family is a legitimate form of government reason being is  because like other governments it has to be pass down from someone so, that others will follow in their footsteps. Asiyyah Banks  


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