lesson 15 in government

Why is online education bad for society? This topic of the document is about why is online education. The reasons why online education is bad for is because it puts classroom teachers out of jobs(work). Meaning that if most parents decided to have their children learn online on the computer then it would make the regular teachers out of a job. But, why would it be bad for society? Well… when the teachers are out of a job then it would be bad for society because those are lost jobs for the people and the society. But, it does some good to because it would open jobs by teaching children through the computer. In addition,people who make the websites for teaching students would get paid. Plus, that is the unseen part meaning yes, it would put classroom teachers out of jobs but it would help by adding more opportunity jobs through the computers of course. However, that seen part mostly, focuses on the classroom teachers loses their jobs because of online education.  Also, when people are are doing online education  by computer at home parents can supervise them, while when they are in a classroom they can’t really supervise them. Furthermore, when people decide on online education  instead of regular school with a teacher, the people who make computers and technology items would be happy and feel as if a blessing has com they would think something like  “that is very good! The online education was a good idea”. While, the classroom teacher would become a loser because she/he has lost her/his job by online education. Also, say that the parent of student has to buy a new computer because it is died or it an older model or it doesn’t  work anymore. Then, the parent would also become a loser. Conclusion: online education is because society because it puts classroom teachers out of work, which is half and half true. But it does some good which is unseen  and yet, it does some bad. And this this topic, there is one winner and three losers;that only the person who sells computers is a winner, and the losers are the parent because the parent has to pay for the online education and if the computer doesn’t work anymore, and the classroom teachers who loses their jobs. Also the people who create the online education websites have to pay to create the website. Asiyyah banks


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