This topic is about plunder. which is bastiat’s concept of the politics of plunder.  He talks about how plunder is the opposite  idea of property. Which is the fruits of one labor while, plunder  is the opposite of that which takes away the fruits of one  labor and gives it to someone else. Which is legalized plunder. In addition, plunder is used to equalize wealth  by taxes   caused by  the politicians that are mad by inequality of wealth, so they impose taxes on the people. A other form of plunder  is when someone wants to harm their victim but not directly, and since they don’t want to get involve much they go to the government to take care of it for him. Getting only good part: the satisfaction of it. But,the law is suppose to prevent harm meaning plunder however, it has become to instrument of it.  furthermore, bastiat does not like plunder at all and says: ” government is and ought to be nothing whatever but common force organize,not to be an instrument of oppression and mutual plunder among citizens ,but, on the contrary,to secure everyone  own,and to cause justice and security to reign”.  he wants tax reductions on things. and he denies the government that has everything a person would need.  then lastly,  there are three ways to take care of  plunder: one is the few plunders everyone and the second  everyone plunders everyone. and the third nobody plunders anyone.  best option out of the three is the last: nobody plunders anyone, my reason being is if no one plunders at all things would be better.                                                                     By Asiyyah Banks