lesson 10

In this essay we will have two topics just as the  one before. They are: Explain the difference between  positive and negative rights, using at least  one example. while the second one is : what is Robert Nozick’s point in “the tale of slave”? Do  think his point is valid?    These are really good questions  that are talked about, though  mostly the positive and negative rights are and sometimes  his point in “the tale of the slave” . the answer for the first topic is: the difference  between positive and negative rights, are that  one is a LEAVE ME ALONE right and the other is a GIVE ME GIVE ME right which is plunder  and not  a natural right .  Negative rights are leave me alone rights  while, the positive rights are the give me give me rights. such as, a positive right is something like “healthcare is a human right” which makes docters slaves to people , which is bad and plunder, and requires someone to give from someone else to you without you working for it.  the answer,for the second one is : his point in the tale of the slave  is that even if  you  are able to work someone ele and/or can move around  for four days  you still have to  pay the master. which is plunder and slavery because it ties you to your master. In addition, it  no different than the slavery in the beginning of the book. yes , his point is valid.


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