equality or inquality?

This essay is about redistribing wealth fom people to give others. is this okay? or not? The question is going to be about : Does the state have the right to redistribe wealth form some people to others? why or why not? As we know , redistributing wealth is plunder. Since, it takes one’s hard working moeny and give to others  (non-hard working and/or people who are not working at all) This is interfering with the hard working people right to their fruits of their labor. In other words, everyone would be equal which is bad for soceity because others wouldn’t get as much services as before and the hard working people  would refuse to work extra since they would get equal pay. Such as, the state  redistribe wealth  causing the docter to get  the same paycheck as a teacher: the docter would refuse to work and others would not get the help they need from a docter. In my my opinion, the state does not have that right  because it would cause problems such as,  less benefits,services, food supply, and education (private schools would be equal to public schools)  and techonlogy( it would slow down due to equal pay cause less techonlogy) . Therefore, inequality among individuals is okay since there would be more services and the like( such as, benefits)  available.


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