lesson 5

In this essay  there is  going to be  two topics:  The first  one is, How does the age of discovery provide  an   opportunity for spainish thinkers to reflect on the idea of rights?  Followed by the second one, How does rothbard defend  of  self-ownership?   the answer to the one topic is : when they realize that everyone has natural righs from God not only them. whish shocks them to a degree they thought that they were the only with rights and everyone had no rights whatsoever. For an example, when they discover that the indains , they wondered if they too have natural rights as well. which led to them realizing  that everyone has  the same natural rigths from God because they were all humans:same  body and same parts;arms,legs,nose , eyes,etc.  just different lifestyles and ways.     followed by, the answer to the second one: by saying that you own youself and that you have complete percent ownership over your property and items. In adition, to that no one nor the government has the right to take some of your ownership nor your stuff.  what are your thoughts on this ? do you agree or disagree?


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