income inequality and discrimination

This essay is going to have  two topics; one  of them you hear more often on the news and radio, while the other less often than  the other. They are: is “income inequality”  a problem in your opinion ? why or why not? and the other one is  what are the major assumptions on discrimination that most people make about discrimination? is there  good reason to doubt these assumptions?  As we know, discrimination is talked about mostly on news and radio more so than income inequality.  In addition, i felt that i should pick these two topics to write about since we hear them alot.  So back topic,  the first question is: is “income inequality ” a problem in your opinion? why or why not? There isn’t a problem with it  in my  opinion  because with inequality  of income helps the  poor due to services and causes others to work harder. This is why it is  way better  and helpful than”equality”.   while the second question is :what are the major assumptions on discrimination that  most people make  about discrimination? is there a good reason to doubt these assumptions?   The first one is : discrimination cause poverty, the second one is: group characteristics are mere “stereotypes”.  Third one is: differences in group outcomes are caused by crimination, the fourth one is :political action is necessary for oppressed groups to advance economically. Yes,, there is because  some groups start in poverty then rise up to the top (like the chinese).  Other differences are though age gaps , cultural ways, acadmic difference persist and geographical distribution. In addition, most of their assumptions can be  solved by being persist in their studies which will help with third-fourths  of their assumptions otherwise like the chinese they can move to other countries or other states.  -Asiyyah


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