In this essay, the topics are about politics.  The first is about models of society not celebrity  models just is you won’t misunderstand. The second one is about two theory  of the union,  while the third is about smaller political units.   I was going to do two topics but decided on three topics to do.  Back to subject,   the first question is : Describe the models of soceity laid out by  Althusius and Hobbes.  These are two main political models.    Althusius is a model where the power is shared by all. Meaning , that families,villages,provinces, and the leader of the people(such as, a king or president) get a share of power. In other words , it a society with series of levels. which allows people  to have rights and to be treated well. While,  Hobbes is a model where society is a single,flat plain:not a diverse array of social authories. Just a mass of individuals; power between themselves. In addition, they use this power to rule . This is called a central government where they use the government to rule. Athusius is a decentralized model and on the other hand, Hobbes is a centralized model.  The next question is :what are the compact and nationist theory of the union?  The compact theory  is about the union  which says that the states created the union and that the union us a collection  of states. Meaning that  the states came before the union snd that the union is  is  just a series of states. In addition, this means that the states are the original units and that’s why we say “united states are….” when we mention   the states and the union. On the other hand, the nationist theory is that  that the union created  the states and is  a single whole. In other words, the union came before the states and is not a series but one whole. Furthermore, the union is the original unit and that’s why some say “united states is…”  when they mention the states and the union. However,  now one knows the difference between the two and be careful with “are” and “is”     mentioning one of the two or both.  Followed by the third question, which is: Can a smaller political units contribute   to the cause of liberty? If so, how? Yes, by giving the people more freedom and less government. Which translate  into  decentralzation,  where everyone gets their rights and freedomwith less controling government . That is how it contribute to the cause of liberty. Meaning that it allows you to be you. Unlike centralization, where you have to be like  what the government wants you to be.


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