The constitution

In this essay the topic is going to the constitution.  Nowadays, we don’t learn  facts and things about the constitution (mostly in public schools) in  schools. Which going to make  this interesting  and  important to  know.Also there are three questions in this one as well.  The first question is :”Is it unreasonable to confine ourselves from the text of the constitution. We should interpret the constitution broadly, to allow the federal governmant  to exercise powers we need it to exercise, even  if they aren’t actuallly listed in that  document”.  How would Thomas Jefferson respond to that statement? ” Yes, it is unreasonable to confine  ourselves to the text of the constitution. When it gives us, our rights as the people . Confine: to block.  Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t approve of this and would have reply ” That we don’t need to do that,just  to allow the  federal government  to exercise  those powers  if it isn’t in the constitution. When  the constitution was to limit the power of the federal government.”   While the second question is : what is the idea of  a “living constitution”? In what way could it be argued  that the American Revolution was a war against a “living constitution?”  The idea of an “living  constitution” is where the constituion is changing on  a daily basis  or so.  For example , one day one  can drive a car and the folowing day they can not.  That the colonies wanted to be free of the “living constitution”  that came from the British. But  to be free  of it they had a war  that was for against a living ,breathing constitution and when they won. They decided to make a constitution that wasn’t always  changing  which is a written constitution while the British’s constitution was  unwritten. Then, they  became states which united together. Therefore, became known as the united states.  Finally , the last question which is :What is nullification? Nullification is a power to put limits on the federal government  and to say no to things that are  unconstitutuion. An example of this is that of Virginia and Kentucky resolution of seventeen-ninty eight of th federal government.  One of their resolutions is was that the states must refuse to comply when the federal government  goes beyond it’s powers.


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