The hobbit

Hello, im Asiyyah. I have read the hobbit which is a very good book and i am now reading the two towers from the lord of the rings. because  the library didn’t have number one and im guessing that someone is reading it.  Anyways back on topic,  when reading the hoobit it made me feel good inside especially bilbo would help the dwarves out , also while reading it i could kinda picture it in my mind. but i hated the part about the spiders,trolls,and dragon, because in the story  when dealing with those characters the dwarves and bilbo had a dificult time. However, i loved when bilbo and gollum  were  using riddles.also, in my head i saw gollum getting out  of his boat and going towards bilbo.  In addition, i am going to buy the book and the lord of the rings!Did  anywho else read the hobbit?


2 thoughts on “The hobbit

  1. wow! hi i’m new to this blogging thing so it would mean alot id you check oug my page and even follow me ( i’ll follow back ) and i’ll also be giving out signed books and other cool things soon!

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    • is that so? i was new to it too about last year. however, this is my first post that isn’t about politics. so, thanks! i also checked out you page and it was awesome. the only thing i didn’t like was the cover of your first book that you posted because it looked scary. but, overall it was a marvelous post. what kind of signed books are you giving? 🙂


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