go natural

My favorite is peanut butter and strawberry ice cream. What is yours? Now  it is summertime and time for ice cream!  However, one should look for natural ice cream because it  would contain none of the following: no high fructose corn syrup,  non-natural colors,non-natural flavors and  other toxics things; In addition it would help one’s body to go natural.  Therefore, by starting with a favorite snack would also help  and/or with one’s  food, that  one would buy. So, i advice you to research the ingredients  that is listed in   your food,  snacks, and drinks.  Then  when you can  buy food, look for natural food stores, and buy natural food  and also buy natural supplement,and drinks.  you can buy one or two things that are natural from your natural food store and see if it  agrees with you well.  Go to http://naturalnews.com  and from there you can get a variety of news.


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