Marxism and Leninism

1. What  are some of Marx’s criticism on capitalism?

He claims that capitalism deforms and stultifies people, and that capitalism is based on “exploitation” of the  wage labor: that workers were pay only enough to live.  In addition ,capitalism undergoes regular economic fluctuations (the business cycle)

2. how might you respond to the criticisms you discussed in question one?

When he  critics  that capitalism deforms and stultfies people; we know that isn’t true because  capitalism helps people to improve,prosper,to aim higher &  work more. Capitalism is not based on “exploitation” of the wage labor but on what  the capitalist’s worker value that was created.  However, it is true that capitalism does undergo a business cycle. Which is very good because it is good to know it’s cycle. Meaning  that people would live a better life than always producing and/or doing what they want.

3. Discuss the following three terms in belief : A) what is to be done? B) New Economic Policy. C ) Ukrainian terror-famine(hunger).

A) Left to themselves, the proletariats (the working class) would never rise up in revolution. So the working class trade in unionism, which was all they would do. This taking a long time  and caused Lenin to be impatient. So Lenin raised money for his revolutionaries  through bank robberies and things of the like. B) was a policy  to prevent government goons from grabbing food from peasants. Peasants would pay a tax in kind  and then would be able to sell in open market, and there was a limited amount  of private business allowed to operate. Another way to  think of the New Economic Policy was “two steps forward and one step back” and was announced in 1921 in Russia. Lenin likely did this to improve  Russia case : to help stop what does happening at the time, and to earn some money out of it. C ) The Ukrainian  terror-famine was when there was a drop in food production. In addition, it was a very hard time for the peasants and had to reduce the average on what they planted because goverment goons would take most of what they produced.  Also, many people had died during this time since there was less food to eat, so they had to fill their stomaches with things such as grass due to this.



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