Front-loading and Political Engineering

1. What kind of success did Africa have with governments  that wielded great power  over the different African economies?

There was no success in Africa because of the government  that wielded a huge amount of power. The reasons  why there was  no success is because copper became expensive  and, more and more money was taken away by the dictator.

2. What are  some of the major arguments advanced the public choice school of economics?

One of the major arguments is voting. Because  one would not always  get everything they want from politicians: sometimes  but rarely  would  happen but mostly  get  things you don’t agree on. For an example, person one  claims that he is going to create more jobs, lower taxes, and the like yet, is 70%  of what you agree and like. While,  person   twi claims  he is going to  stop wars , give out healthcare, and the like if in office however, is 30% of what you agree and like. Another  is about government.  My reason being is that people believe that government is their friend and helper (servant) . When government too has interest of it own. The majority of people tend to get this confuse. My reason being is because the people in the government are like us : they are humans too. But this with power  over regular people.

3. what are front-loading and political engineering?

Front-loading and political engineering are some of the military production.Front- loading is where the military and/or government lies about the technical requirements and takes one money before it is done or tested. political engineering is the strategy of awarding contracts in as many  different congressional in  districts as possible. Then they make voters (people ) and congressional incumbents dependent on their money(military money) , by doing so they (pentagon’s political engineers)  put pressure on them to always support  front-loading programs even after their prices show. this makes it easier for the military to obtain  the money  the money of voters and congressional incumbents.Furthermore, it makes the  military greedy for more and more money.



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