Industrial revolution and The New Deal

new-deal-cartoon-c1935-granger1.How was the standard of living affected by the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution  affected  standard of living in a good way: by adding more opportunities  for them(the people). Also, before  the Industrial Revolution  there was only two  options :make  a profitable  living  in agriculture  or have  the tools necessary  to enter an independent trade. After it,  there was room in the economy  for those who  could do neither of these choices.  There was factories  that could  only  hire  those  ready  for   work  for the wages  offer to them and the wages were low. The women had went the  factories  as well so, they can have food to feed their children. The children too had to work as well for food and to help their families. In addition, it saved them, in strict sense of term, from death.

2. Evaluate this claim:”The New Deal was a wise series  of government actions   that healed  the problems afflicting  the economy.”

It wasn’t  a series of wise actions but the opposite. Because the industries had to have  a draft of production code themselves  and all was pretty much equal.All had to have minimum wages,minimum prices,hours of production,production method,and so on. which is not  good  because there  is no competition,and everything is equal.  This does not heal an economy,it only  makes it worse. In addition, industries had  to comply(obey orders) and  if they  don’t they could get  punished. Just by this  there  is no way  the New Deal helped the economy  and the people.




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