My Final Essay

1.Are voters informed? If not, why not? According to  Professor Caplan, is  the problem ignorance or irrationally?

They  the voters are not informed at all. My reason being is that  they(the voters) as a majority  only focus on  the appearance of those who are  going to run for office.  For an example,  when  Obama was run for office most african americans  immediately decide  to vote for him based on color and this is due to irrationally:not endowed with reason. In addition, they do not look for information about what he is for and this is due to their emotions  for him since he was  the first black president.

2. Professor Casey claims  that the idea of political representation is an empty  one. How does he defend this argument?

He defends it by  stating that political representation can not and will not be able to represent everyone. In addition, it would be very difficult since everyone has different opinions. Such as, I would like strawberry and so does  five hundred people while,  one thousand likes chocolate ice cream and another two hundred likes  vanilla ice cream. While they in office  can not  choose a group of people favorite ice cream over another group plus,  they the  people would  prefer if  they would represent only their ice cream: those who like vanilla  ice cream would like if it was only their getting represented. See the picture?

3. Professor Hasnas claims that the idea of the rule of law is a  myth.What does he mean? What purpose does the myth serve?

When he claims  that  the rule of law is a myth, he means  the rule of law does not exist but was  use as an excuse  to have other  people (humans) to rule over the majority. The purpose  that myth serve was to get  regular people to think that they were under the rule of law: The rule that is neutral,impartial,and objective, not the rule of Men. For instance,  a law for paying one dollar eveytime one enter a store  and by this  the high ups get extra  money,and every store gets money even if one does not but a thing.  So is this is rule of law or Men?


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