women and girls clothes part1

Why does women clothes have to be short and small?  What i mean is   why are  there mostly short sleeve shirts,socks that go to the ankles and  short gloves and coats.  And why isn’t there  any thing warm  to wear for the winter?  How come there is only  spring and summer clothes.  How come you can rarely find  the socks and clothes (long sleeve shirts,best  gloves , coats and the like for winter).  I think if this continues to happen that  we as  a whole should make our own winter clothes and the like and/or protest this by not buying their products.  Another thing is that why does little girls clothes have to be the same? shouldn’t  little girls have a choice  for clothes instead of wearing the same junk? Sorry if that  was harsh but it is true. how come  girls clothes are short and small for them. how come  there is not any warm clothes for them.   Furthermore,  why  dark colors  for women and girls , when  females tend to like bright and light colors.   For example , when I went into Family Dollar wth my sister  looking for socks; i found only  the short socks that  are  not really warm for winter (lots of them) and the best socks were  less and high in price but the other ones were not. Also, my sis was  looking for gloves  and found the ones that are not  so warm when winter comes. Another example is,  that   i noticed that  my little sisters  have some  clothes that are  small for them but  are made for their age group.


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