almonds, almonds!!

For those who like almonds will be delighted to know that even almonds have health benefits.

Almonds are  a spice which is a surprise to many  of us including me!  it really a seed from the fruit of the almond tree:by definition, a dried seed is a spice.   that said you should  move  the almonds from where the nuts are and put them  in your spice cabinet.

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Sometimes, it is  better to put certain feelings out there and other times it’s to keep them inside.

Today, I was able to speak to my sister about certain things that bothered me and she did the same. that helped me  lots and  I am happy that I was able to tell her and relieved as well. if you have things that bother you, you can likely tell someone  who is close to you (i.e. a relative or friend). Continue reading