Sometimes, it is  better to put certain feelings out there and other times it’s to keep them inside.

Today, I was able to speak to my sister about certain things that bothered me and she did the same. that helped me  lots and  I am happy that I was able to tell her and relieved as well. if you have things that bother you, you can likely tell someone  who is close to you (i.e. a relative or friend).

Other times, you should keep it to yourself especially if you are not in the mood and  whatever the reason  keep it inside but  just  so you know I am not encouraging  to keep certain feelings inside for a long time because  sometimes negative feelings about something/someone  can likely  lower your immune system and cause health problems to rise.

So to conclude my post it all about a person mind-body connection and it best  to control our thoughts and feelings to avoid this  and let these feelings out.

I know that will likely be hard  because I am trying to as well. Good luck!

More options on how to control and limited these thoughts  are in ” GUIDE TO HOLISTIC HEALTH” by  Larry Trivieri,Jr., and American Holistic Medical Association   is available on Amazon.


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