almonds, almonds!!

For those who like almonds will be delighted to know that even almonds have health benefits.

Almonds are  a spice which is a surprise to many  of us including me!  it really a seed from the fruit of the almond tree:by definition, a dried seed is a spice.   that said you should  move  the almonds from where the nuts are and put them  in your spice cabinet.

Almonds  may  prevent and/or treat the following  problems:Cholesterol problems (high total cholesterol, high “bad” LDL cholesterol & low “good” cholesterol), Diabete,type 2,Heart disease, high blood pressure(hypertension),Insulin Resistence (prediabetes),Metabolic syndrome,Overweight,Stroke & Triglycerides,high

Almonds pair well with the  following spices:Ajowan,Allspice,Anise,Chile,Cinnamon,Cocoa,Coconut,Garlic,Mint,Nutmeg,Sun-dried tomato,VAnilla,Wasabi.

In addition complements recipes featuring:Casseroles,Chicken,Cookies,Curries,Green beans,Lamb,Pudding and Salads.

 Has  an excellent source of fiber,zinc,vitamin E,potassium,copper,biotin,Phosphorus,riboflavin,niacin,and iron.   Sources:”Healing spices” by “Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD with Debora Yost  can be bought from

Vitamins and mineral of Almonds found at


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