The nabee series

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile ,it’s just that i didn’t have something to write about and when i did had an idea the internet was off.

That being said and out-of-the-way,I would like to write to you that  I’m making a family friendly series of my own which the nabee series.

It is about a japanese family (I like asian stuff so made a show based on it) that moves to “new world” however,it is just the mom and her daughter due the father working in Japan still but will join them when he has the chance. the daughter Haruko meets a friend known as “little miss trouble” her  name betty, which causes her to lose her native language but has to relearn it.The mother gains a friend that lives with them and is trying to get her daughter back.  They change their religion from worshiping the sun-goddess to Islam, stop eating GMO and start eating natural food, learn things that will help them (i.e. skills they need for when they are older), they believe in growing their own garden for food, the mother trying her best to make sure all house repairs are done as well as their regular needs. Also,in it  there education and classes which are random and helpful messages, nothing racist or feminism in fact it mostly about bring everyone together which will progress through each episode. am planing on making a another which is more in-depth than this where the kids are young adults.

Their house is a mixture of american and japanese or modern japanese and older japanese style:the room of the mother is like the japanese of the past except it made out of cardboard and the daughter and her friend room is modern japanese/american style.

The characters are a mixture of dolls without arms and legs(dolls that are similar to worms) and regular dolls and historical dolls as well.

The stores in the show are Natural Nabee Grocers where they buy their food,Nabee Toys is where you probably know buy their toys,and Fred store this one is made by my brother where the characters can have their heads shave (the stores are still in developement because i would like to make them 3-D).

Unfortunately my phone which has all thirteen episodes is  in need of a new battery but on the bright side i likely gonna get a new battery sometime this month and then must find a way to get a network connection to my blackberry. i am also learning more of japanese in will implement that in the following episodes,if God wills it to be so.




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