why are you celebrating july 4?



Why  are people popping fireworks?

As we known the fourth of July was an event that took place to celebrate an end to their troubles and a start of being independence  in other words, a fresh start .

So are they popping fireworks to a good cause such as a growth of natural food and products and consumer aware of what in the food?

if so, pop them fireworks with pleasure of such good cause,have a good time with the family,and be careful too;don’t stay up to late but if not scroll down.

Are they celebrate the poor economy in this country?

if so, why? do your best to improve our situation  and get a job;get an education,don’t dropout you sneak! don’t make children no one wants and be good!

Are they celebrating the continuing wars  overseas? Or is it  for the losing of our freedoms during all the so-called problems that are appearing at our doors

Please write an honest response and if you don’t ,you are only fooling yourself for God know what in everyone heart and mind.




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