how i got rid of my cold quickly!

When I noticed that I was a tad  sick  i did a couple of things to get rid of it.

The start thing i did was wear warmer clothes;then, drunk warm water and double up on my “Effer -C” multi-vitamin (a supplement that is a powder flavor that is consume in drink and is sold at Natural Grocers (cost around $9 each)).

But,  I felt that wasn’t enough alone so  i took turmeric (3 teaspoons) and cinnamon (1 teaspoon) with a small cup of warm water the first night; the results were high— it gotten rid of my scratchy and clear some passages of my nose.Therefore, I thought i must do this again the next day but i must i admit the flavor was not sweet but bitter–I did like the fact that it contained no side effects and helps with colds & flu  —- Along with of others health problems however,that’s a going to be a post for another day.

The second day, I continued doubling up my multi-vitamin and started to take the turmeric and cinnamon mixture in the morning as well as the evening time. Also,  i drunk warm water and got plenty of rest.

By, the third day I was practically better so i recommend   taking the turmeric-cinnamon mixture (buy them organic for best results), taking  multi-vitamins twice a day,  drink plenty of water,plenty of rest along with plenty of patience .

For kids,  I recommend cinnamon and honey (i hear it’s effective),honey and lemon,, or perhaps ginger and honey(it a bit spicy so i think it best for older children); There also multi-vitamins for kids nowadays as well as teens and adults.

For everyone, you can take any of these options along with baking soda mix in water and tea.


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