Where we are…

It appears to me that  all the wars  these days are against our rights, for instance, we cannot  say  anything that might offend someone  i.e,  saying something against LGBT  or against BLM. The same goes on in Facebook comments and videos. There a war on the bathroom as we all know about trans sharing a bathroom with whom they “feel” they  belong with. A war on guns  and a war with the Middle East… Same with food labeling,vaccines, knowledge and religion… Continue reading


My lovely Greens story…

I like buying supplements that are at a price I can afford, and love when they contain pretty much all vitamins , minerals, probiotics and etc. I found this by  browsing Amazon for a nutritious sub for the Sta-Cardio (greens powder)  that unfortunately  didn’t come after it was ordered… Continue reading

My Quinoa Story

When i first saw a topic about Quinoa i  was just like “it’s alright”  and had a hard time pronouncing it’s name and it seems a bit different to cook as well as hard plus i was afraid of  not cooking it right since i read something about it having  a part of it that can make it bitter if not wash properly.  So, when i cooked it:i was panicky since i forgotten the washing part  and cooked it for an hour since my sis thought it should look more white instead of yellowish;  lucky for me, the bitter part cook away and i learnt that there are different kinds of Quinoa.  long story short, i cook it now for 26 minutes and learnt that it  is rich in Iron and Magnesium, and folks say it is better than rice.

For me, i think in ways it is and in other ways it is not… what do you say?Nadeko-01


I like writing  on here even if it’s once in awhile  because it feels wonderful to  have written something that I wanted to share with people either it been about supplements,health, hair care or something else .

How do you feel after writing  no matter the time period?Nadeko-01


Lithium is a trace mineral (alkali metal)  and  is like  sodium and potassium.  You may know that it mostly used for treating mental disorders such as:bipolar and manic- depressive disorder.

But there are more things  it can do for the body :

  1. Protects brains cells from toxicity
  2. promotes brain cells regeneration
  3. increases gray matter of the brain
  4. regulates brain neurotransmitters
  5. supports healthy mood balances
  6. improves blood sugar metabolism

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