hair growth…

I noticed that in order to grow hair longer and stronger, one must also take care of their overall.

My reason being is simply this:

  1. Supplementation: this means that one must provide all basic supplements to their body  to help their body from ailments to chemicals in the food, water and air. In addition, must add certain vitamins and minerals to  help  the hair grow and be stronger because  the body sends those supplements to parts of the body that need them the most; that’s why one should add more supplements due to this.
  2. Diet: one should eat foods rich in nutrients  such as organic carrots and quinoa;  to limit the exposure to harmful chemicals and free radicals.
  3.  Hair management:  I assume that we  know how to take care of our hair 🙂  and if  one needs a reminder: wash  hair twice a month, moisturize (hair) and oil(the scalp) when needed, scalp massages ; brushing and combing hair .
  4. Exercise: helps circulate oxygen to the hair do this for about 1-2 a day  or more.

Personally,  I have been doing these things and noticed that my hair has grown  alot and abit more stronger; furthermore, I learnt that one must do internal care  and external for  everything after all our hair is connected to our bodies; if there a problem in one part of the body there is definitely a problem with the whole .

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