what affects our overall…

This writer would like to suggest things that affects   everything around us.  For instance, say we get a pimple or  have acne .  There ways to prevent these problems  such as a change in diet, yes, a  change in diet . 

I noticed that if i eat product A and product B,  i get a pimple ; since  learning if one consumes sugar and an oily food they will get a pimple/zit.   In addition,    if we don’t consume foods that contains the vitamins,minerals,aminos,  and probiotics that we need then we would be in trouble, and unfortunately it’s hard to find such food. Which leads   us to find real supplements that contain these things that we need.

Fast food  affects our overall due to the oils, what’s in it (the harmful chemicals), and if we continue to eat such foods.The lack of supplementation and water also affect our overall since lack of supplements can  lead  tons of problems combine with lack of water and fast foods. The same  with sleep,exercise , and stress levels; conventional make-up ,conventional beauty products, and conventional hygienic products.

We have control of what we put in our bodies; we can prevent ourselves from getting diseases and illness simply by not eating trash, drinking tons of  unhealthy drinks. Moreover, we have control of what we put on our bodies; by  avoiding these products as well.

I found organic  hygienic products here NaturalGrocers.com  , they have stores  in the US  ( can make a shopping list with them and print it ,but they don’t do orders) ;Joyce Riley has an online shop that has a general of items: www.thepowermall.com.


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