My lovely Greens story…

I like buying supplements that are at a price I can afford, and love when they contain pretty much all vitamins , minerals, probiotics and etc. I found this by  browsing Amazon for a nutritious sub for the Sta-Cardio (greens powder)  that unfortunately  didn’t come after it was ordered…

The Sta-Cardio was $26 bucks while the lovely Greens powder was on sale for $18 bucks (regular price $49) plus it’s on Prime. Anyways,  I discovered that it contains  a pretty much a lot of probiotics, digestive enzymes,greens and sea vegetables; a decent amount of fruits ,veggies,and herbs. Plus a good amount of vitamin A and Sodium.


That said I decided to get it since it contained more stuff,better benefits and it was on sale! In addition,  it detoxes and nourishes the body; is packed with super foods, contains a berry flavor and comes with a scoop. The shipping  took 2 days since it was on Prime and i am a Prime member; now the sale price is at $14 and some change!

So far this drink  is giving me all the supplements I need, and i think I’ll buy it next time too.

Go here to get your too!



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