Actin like an infant …

I saw and read about a 21-year-old woman acting like a baby with her boyfriend and was quite disgusted…

She has a YouTube channel of her acting like a child on YouTube called “binkie princess”. Is this our society now?  people acting like babies and others promoting it.   i find it shocking that people stick up for this craziness, yet , i come to believe that she is on serious meds ,and eats trash; that is the only way she would be like that;because meds have alot of major side effects  that  cause alot of problems.  On the other hand, it kinda not surprising since i read “Brave New World” which describe that a person would mostly act like a baby when not working and act like an adult when at work; while children are  created in the lab because people cannot produce kids anymore nor take care of them.  What are your thoughts on this?


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