population control…

Today’s media encourages  the lifestyles that lead to population control. By encouraging LGBT  ways they are controlling us and confusing us… the same with race division and shooting…

These lifestyles  are  confusing people–even our kids, about the natural way of things; i assume everyone knows that God created us man and woman to be together no matter the race. The LGBT  is a mental disorder that is promoted and is given rights;  these rights are given by the state and if everyone read the  post “where we are…”  then, one would know that rights are from  God.    This lifestyle is cause by BPA  a hormone disrupter that causes man to be like a woman and a woman to be like a man; avoid plastics with this item; can be found used in plastic containers,bottles (for all ages),can lining, etc. Buy BPA-free or switch from plastic items; advise those that  are LGBT  to do the same. Do not encourage these lifestyles be like the common religions on this.

Race divisions are also a way of population control to eliminate  folks by putting one against another; the media is encouraging this… Islam is against this.  As of right now,  the media is putting blacks against whites for a rule and conquer war ; the same with  Islam verses everyone this to is rule and conquer war,  I say that a person must know a muslim on a personal level and the same applies to the races of people.

The shootings are another way of population control because they  cause tons of people to fight each other physically and verbally. In addition,  it causes the people to hate the police and muslims,  when both of these groups are helpful.   I believe that the  shooters were on prescription meds  that cause these problems and that most folks in these shootings are actors.If the police were gone who would help you in your time of need? if the race wars happen where would you stand? If LGBT  continues how dark will the future be for our kids?



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