Today,  i saw a shocking thing happen when  we were out. In a car to my right there was a person whom was littering straight from her car. She was violating the store’s owner property rights… It is bad to do such thing since the person is not only violating property rights but also harming the earth and its environment. This is why we have problems in the world  because  some people don’t care anymore it seems, which means that those of us whom want a clean environment must educate our children and people around us.We want change in the world but, need to improve ourselves to do so.

So,   seeing her do this made me think the people must do something. we must stop doing stuff that is harmful to the earth and ourselves.  that way, many things  will change such as the neighbors, and oceans can be clean; thus, we will benefit because  we won’t get flat tires on our bikes and we can go fishing or swiming without worrying about poluted water.

In addition, by  valuing others property rights  among with stopping littering; things would get better.

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