my thoughts… VR system

hey, it is me….

I know i haven’t been on for like ages (rolling eyes), but you know at times one must come back to write about things.

recently, I been into games and heard about this VR system that goes with windows, android and iPhones. i found it to be soooo interesting and thought imma check it out, because trying new tech is cool and different . in addition, i hear and read that it can do 360 view and is  realistic , but i hope not to realistic.

I think that this would give games a 3D touch and add more fun, sidenote don’t stand with it on cuz,  it can make one’s legs to jelly. i think checking it out on amazon would be good for folks and researching it as well. For me, im going to wait awhile and hopefully by then and you should do the same which is waiting to see if the bugs are removed from it.

Because it is technology we have to be careful on how we use, handle it, and care for it. plus, we have to make sure all is updated and there is no badness it. furthermore, we have to use it in moderation  meaning don’t use it too much as you would with any tech.

another thing i wanted to say was….  i love how holiday treats and are always on sale a couple of days after the holiday, which means more savings and more goodies.


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