My Quinoa Story

When i first saw a topic about Quinoa i  was just like “it’s alright”  and had a hard time pronouncing it’s name and it seems a bit different to cook as well as hard plus i was afraid of  not cooking it right since i read something about it having  a part of it that can make it bitter if not wash properly.  So, when i cooked it:i was panicky since i forgotten the washing part  and cooked it for an hour since my sis thought it should look more white instead of yellowish;  lucky for me, the bitter part cook away and i learnt that there are different kinds of Quinoa.  long story short, i cook it now for 26 minutes and learnt that it  is rich in Iron and Magnesium, and folks say it is better than rice.

For me, i think in ways it is and in other ways it is not… what do you say?Nadeko-01