My lovely Greens story…

I like buying supplements that are at a price I can afford, and love when they contain pretty much all vitamins , minerals, probiotics and etc. I found this by  browsing Amazon for a nutritious sub for the Sta-Cardio (greens powder)  that unfortunately  didn’t come after it was ordered… Continue reading



Lithium is a trace mineral (alkali metal)  and  is like  sodium and potassium.  You may know that it mostly used for treating mental disorders such as:bipolar and manic- depressive disorder.

But there are more things  it can do for the body :

  1. Protects brains cells from toxicity
  2. promotes brain cells regeneration
  3. increases gray matter of the brain
  4. regulates brain neurotransmitters
  5. supports healthy mood balances
  6. improves blood sugar metabolism

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Your youngevity

My father and I started a page on Facebook, where you can decide  which supplement you want  and we  will order it for you. The  page name is Your youngevtiy where we will be  selling Youngevity health products   for you; we  just started it so there only one kind  of supplements available  at the time and we also provide the payment method as well. Continue reading