growing hair tips

I learnt from my sister that learnt from my cousin that we must do certain to grow our hair. A quick word of advice is that this might not be for all hair types… Continue reading


simple solutions for period cramps

Here are  a couple of solutions to make your  time of month so much easier:

1. Cal-mag:  Calcium  will be  good for your teeth and bones:strengthen them  while, magnesium is  good for the muscles; It  helps to relax them which would be best  for any kind of cramps. Take  it for a month  and double up to servings when you sense  your menses and cramps are near. Can also take it the day before if pain not intense.

2. Walking : Helps to  relieve cramps as well and it will good  to get some exercise.

3.Naptime: taking a nap is  good to relax the muscles to and gain some strength back(if your cramps are intense like mine were). I recommend laying on the stomach with a blanket  in the that area(the blanket  can be in whatever form that helps to relieve the pain).

4.Water: Drink plenty of water and i mean warm water to help stay hydrated and it relieves some of the pain.

5. Avoid food(s) that cause  those cramps and try to identify what are you eating that is causing this problem.

6. Stay positive: even if you still have pain , stay positive and dig deeper into what is the problem because sometimes  there could be  more than one item that is hurting you.

Note: The cal- mag  will work better if you buy the organic/natural one because it be absorbed into the body than the non-organic/unnatural.

For me, the cal-mag,water,nap and staying positive helped me  in my quest to be pain-free . Before that  I got used to being in pain  which was years (for me that would be 5 years since im 16) before I started my quest and that time I would mostly hang on my bed taking a nap.  A couple of years I started to think positive thinking I’d be pain-free which seemed like a dream/wish  and  take cal-mag for a month. Which led me to wonder what is causing me to  be in pain, and discovering it was my favorites:crackers,sandwich bread and pancakes was saddening but because i wanted to be pain-free I stopped eating them most of the month and just eat them on occasion.  I also started taking cal-mag the day before my menses which helped to remove most of the pain but since i wanted no pain I dug deeper and discovered  that pads (the ones found in stores) were causing me the small pain so, last month(feb) i  started to wear cloth pads aka RUMPs which gotten rid of that remainer pain .

For info:  you can  find the best  kind of calcium to take go to naturalnews. com and same for the magnesium.  Also,  go to and type “precious star pads” to find out more info on cloth pads .

Have a good day!

women and girls clothes part1

Why does women clothes have to be short and small?  What i mean is   why are  there mostly short sleeve shirts,socks that go to the ankles and  short gloves and coats.  And why isn’t there  any thing warm  to wear for the winter?  How come there is only  spring and summer clothes.  How come you can rarely find  the socks and clothes (long sleeve shirts,best  gloves , coats and the like for winter).  I think if this continues to happen that  we as  a whole should make our own winter clothes and the like and/or protest this by not buying their products.  Another thing is that why does little girls clothes have to be the same? shouldn’t  little girls have a choice  for clothes instead of wearing the same junk? Sorry if that  was harsh but it is true. how come  girls clothes are short and small for them. how come  there is not any warm clothes for them.   Furthermore,  why  dark colors  for women and girls , when  females tend to like bright and light colors.   For example , when I went into Family Dollar wth my sister  looking for socks; i found only  the short socks that  are  not really warm for winter (lots of them) and the best socks were  less and high in price but the other ones were not. Also, my sis was  looking for gloves  and found the ones that are not  so warm when winter comes. Another example is,  that   i noticed that  my little sisters  have some  clothes that are  small for them but  are made for their age group.