The topic of this essay is price controls are people controls. Which means that people are controlled by prices when they buy items or things at any store that is controlled by the state;saying that if a state controls prices within the store say Dillions or Walmart then it can control people. Since the people would go to the store to buy something for a certain price: for an example let’s say that person number one goes to walmart to buy some food to eat,but are looking for the prices of the items he/she is going to get. Which means that person one is  going to be control by the prices,reason being is because of the price of an item determines how much a person can get since they would have only limit amount of money in their wallet or credit card. Thus, that is people control by using price control. However there is other kinds of prices controlling people. for an example, let’s say that you want to rent a house, since renting a house means that you have to pay an exact amount each month, this is also price control over people. So, is looking for a house, since you are looking for an certain price for rent for a house, this is the same. There is also, price controls over cars and bills that control people.  therefore, prices that control people are not good because they limit the prices of items. furthermore, the free market is good because it is good on this since it doesn’t use price controls because the customers set the prices, but the state does use price control.     By Asiyyah Banks


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