lesson 30

This topic is about  the  possible to  have state subsidies without state control. My answer is  no because the state  would likely  want to control using, state control. Here is an example: if the state gave someone in need of financial assistance, money , then state  could  control that person because of it.  So in  other words it is not  possible  to have state subsidies  without state control, since the state would like to control by using  the subsidies.Meaning that there is not really a possible to have state subsidies without state control.  Therefore, if  just regular people gave subsidies to each other it would be bettter than the state subsidies because, just a regular person would mostly likely not try to control someone just because a subsidy.  Such as: if  i give you a subsidy  because you are having  financial problems, i would not use control over you, like the state.  And lastly, I say that state subsidies are  bad because the  state control, however, if it within the regular people then it is okay becauseit would  be  better.                                                          by Asiyyah Banks


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