independence or dependence?

The topic of this essay is:”which promotes greater responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?” The one that promotes greater responsibility is the free market and only the free market. My reason being is because the free market  let’s people be true independed  on theirselves. But, on the contrary, the welfare state  does not promotes greater personal responsibility nor independence. For an example: the free market is like one’s parents  who take care of their child/children but let the kid/kids take care of their personal responsibilities .  Another example:  the welfare  state is like  a chicken  farmer/pet owner  that takes care of the animal/animals too much,where the animal/animals become lazy and depended  on the chicken farmer/pet owner.   That’s why  the  free market  promotes greater responsibility and is better for society because of this. The welfare state on the other hand , decreases the independece of a person or persons into being depended  on the welfare state , and thus  it is very bad and worse for society.   ~Asiyyah B.


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