what affects our overall…

This writer would like to suggest things that affects   everything around us.  For instance, say we get a pimple or  have acne .  There ways to prevent these problems  such as a change in diet, yes, a  change in diet .  Continue reading



I like writing  on here even if it’s once in awhile  because it feels wonderful to  have written something that I wanted to share with people either it been about supplements,health, hair care or something else .

How do you feel after writing  no matter the time period?Nadeko-01


Lithium is a trace mineral (alkali metal)  and  is like  sodium and potassium.  You may know that it mostly used for treating mental disorders such as:bipolar and manic- depressive disorder.

But there are more things  it can do for the body :

  1. Protects brains cells from toxicity
  2. promotes brain cells regeneration
  3. increases gray matter of the brain
  4. regulates brain neurotransmitters
  5. supports healthy mood balances
  6. improves blood sugar metabolism

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