the chances are…

The topic of this essay is : “should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone  to run against him in the next primary (next election)  if  he starts voting wrong?  My  answer is yes they should monitor his votes to make sure he is voting correctly.  Yet, if they notice that  he is starting to vote  wrong , they can recruit someone  to go against him. but, the legislator  they got elected likely had a peer-group shift change: that  he started sees the lobbyists  and bureaucrats  that seem nice and friendly bunch of fellows , that  do not seem all that bad,more often.  However, by putting  someone else in office can be a risk to which that he too  would join the oppsite side but if he is ground good ,he might later on. Since , people in the  legislature would get authority,power,money with a title and invitations to places.  Would  make the person change alot and vote worng for the people and right for the special- interest groups. Therefore, the people  themselves should protest and complain about higher taxes ,higher prices, and the new laws, etc.  And also they try to get rid of the guy.                                                                                                                                    By Asiyyah Banks


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