the four freedoms

The  topic  of this essay is about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four freedoms. The reason why he the speech that concided with the introduction of the four freedoms was to get the United States  away from isolation  polices that emerged out of WWI. The four freedoms are:  1) the first right is to have freedom of speech and expression from everywhere in the world, while 2) the second right is freedom of worship everywhere in the world. Followed by, 3)  the third right is freedom from want- everywhere around the world , while 4) the fourth right is freedom from fear- everywhere around the world. These rights are useful and important. However, there are some people who don’t know this  and some that want to use our rights as an advantage. The people who want to take advantage of our rights, say something like “everyone has a right to security.”  which translates to protect everyone from fear so, basically using  the fourth right. In “American Dream”  there is a quote  from benjamin Franklin  stating that “the one who gives freedom for security deserves neither.”  ~Asiyyah.


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