The Remnant

The topic of this essay is”can the Remnant ever become the majority?” The Remnant is someone or persons that are  aware of  what is going on  and the person or persons are the minority of the people: less of the population. The majority is quite the contrary of the minority: their difference in population. Back  on topic, it is a possibility that the Remnant can become the majority, if the  majority of the people become aware of what is truly going on then the anwser is yes.  Otherwise , that  is not likely; the Remnant  can’t ever become the majority. For  example,  in American Dream  there is a part where everyone decides to go from gold to Iou’s . However, in the show the people who makes gold stops making it, but starts printing out more Iou’s. In addition,  when  someone decides to change from Iou’s  to gold , the rest wants to as well. Of course,  finding out that there was none  left, they hang him for what he done.  that’s why the Remnant can become the majority, only if the majority too becomes aware of what is going on. For that , there needs to be a leader.  ~Asiyyah B.


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