the two groups

This essay is about two completely different types of groups;the free market  and the state. The question of this essay is who should have the authority to set prices,the free market or the state? and why? my answer to this is simply the free market,instead of the state. My reason being is because through the free market the customers would decide what to buy/bid. therefore, by biding it would mean that the producer item has more value,which would set the prices, since people (customers) like some things which help the producers know what to produce to continue that product. This is helpful, because of that and that the business of the free market would in prove greatly and create wealth. however, if the state  sets the prices then the producers would not know what really to produce. since, customers can only buy/bid up to a certain price, that doesn’t really show the producer of the item value, and this do not create wealth as much as the free market. Also, by setting a price range for a certain item do not allow the producer”s value of the item to go higher. Though, if there comes a problem with production the state would put in surpluses to get rid of them. but, on the other hand, the free market allowsthe customers to bid to the highest until there is only one, also they don’t use surpluses. My conclusion: that is why my answer is the free market because they let the customers decide about the prices and products to continue, since they (the customers) will be buying/bidding on a item to get. Furthermore, the state would not  be buying /bidding on something to get.


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