the victim & criminal

The topic of my essay  is :’should the restitution to victims better for society than sentences for criminals? And why? my answer is no, because  the victims  of criminals have to pay money to keep  criminals in jail. While criminals  who get senteces for crimes , don’t feel guilty and try to make  the situation better because of state/government getting in the middle of it. That is the reason the restitution  for victims  is not better for society .For an example, I stole  your flat sceen tv,and instead of giving you a flat sceen tv that is equal to or greater than the one I took, someone else gives you one and you have to pay money for me to stay in jail. Meaning that you would keep paying money to keep me in there. On the other hand, I would not feel guilty  and would not make it up,basically wouldn’t learn the lesson. Therefore, I think that when the victim and criminal work things out themselves it would be better for society. Such as: the criminal would give something equal to or greater than the item he/she stole from the victim and the victim would forgive the person who did bad,and wouldn’t pay money to keep the criminal in jail.          ~Asiyyah


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