In this essay the topic is going to be voluntary arrangement. Voluntary: to do something willing without being force to. While arrangement: to sort or solve something/problem, that what it means here. In addition, to that the question of the topic is, how could voluntary arrangements solve this problem, if the state did not impose politics of plunder?  Plunder:to transfer the fruits of one’s labor to someone else.     My answer is  that   they(the individuals) can donate money  ,thus this is voluntary, and by donating money for a good cause would help solve the problem. Moreover,through the consumer(individual) would help the producer to continue the business, buy some things from some else’s business and invest in something that would create a cycle because of the consumer  and it would create new jobs from the producer and consumer: 1. since the producer would buy items and  2. the consumer would too. This, would also improve the situation without the state impose politics of plunder,yet we forget there would still be plunder just not by the state if it does not impose them. But, form the individuals , who would likely plunder each other from time to time , however it would not be as bad as the state still. A another way, is if individuals got together in decide how to solve the problem willing. Lastly, I think that the best way to solve the problem is voluntary arrangements  by the individuals  since it would in the hands of the people. By, Asiyyah Banks


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