what the state can do

This essay is about what the state can do for you. Meaning that it can do something good or bad; if the state is strong enough then it is capable of doing what it chooses to do . which leads us to “if the state is able to do something good for someone then it can also able to do the opposite of that”. Which  makes sense, since the state is strong enough to help out then it could turn around and do something bad because it to strong to do the opposite, as well. because of the state is unpredictable after it does something good for someone it is hard to tell what the state would do that would be bad for the person. However, when the state does something good for a preson because it is strong enough and able to,,yet, the person doesn’t think or know if the state could do  something very bad to them.  i think that when state is capable to do something either good or bad, that one should be very cafeful.           By Asiyyah Banks


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